Self-Help Page

10 tips! Monthly Maintenance

1.  Clean your hard drive and remove all junk files.

2.  Run a boot level scan of your computer to check for viruses.  A boot level scan runs before windows loads and will catch all the nasties!  Do a full scan if your antivirus does not support boot level scans.  Note:  Even the free version of avast! supports a boot level scan.  Click on the link to the left!

3.  Remove unwanted programs!

4.  Uninstall toolbars from your browser!

5.  Remove unneeded items from your Startup menu!

6.  Clear your history, cache and cookies!

7.  Make sure all your Windows updates have been applied!

8.  Clean out the junk email!

9. Defrag!  Defrag!  Defrag!

10.  Clean it up!  Get out the vacuum or compressed air and clean the keyboard, vents and fans!