Doug Garver
Doug has been using computers since the Apple IIc. His first programming job was to put the MLS database onto a TRS-80. It took 17 5 1/4 inch floppies! Since then he has never strayed far from a computer, even while learning sales in the financial industry.

Frustrated by the lack of professionalism in the industry, Doug set out to put together a crackerjack web development team. Understanding that a website without a graphic designer may function but does not excite and a beautiful design without a programmer does not function, the team included two accomplished graphic designers (no two websites will look alike!) an experienced programmer to keep up with an exceptional sales staff!

(225) 255-0560

Gabriel 'Gabe' Aguilar
Gabe has been doing graphic design for around 13 years. He is experienced in the Adobe Creative Suite such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. He studied for many years at Tulane University and LSU but he is a self-taught designer with much experience in the field. His specialties are logos and digital graphics (ads, flyers, business cards, illustrations, etc.) but website design has become increasingly intriguing in this eyes. He is trying to develop a new, unique view and style in website design.

He works with the clients hand to hand, step by step with creative ideas helping them to have an easier visualization of what they want. He listens very well to what they want and tries to create what they require but he adds a little flavor to it so that the clients not only like it, they love it.

(225) 395-1014


Katherine Gouner
Copywriter/Video Production