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Why You Need A Website!

Top 11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

  1. Get Googled Today!
    Let's face it, the phonebook is obsolete. Nowadays if you can't be Googled, you can't be found. Get on the web today with a professional website!
  2. Always Open!
    Your office may only be open during the week from 8-5, but your website never sleeps.  Anyone can access your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This means customers can reach out to you and purchase your products and services even when you are doing other things.
  3. It Is a Current Look at What You Have to Offer
    Websites are easier, quicker and less expensive to update than print material.  You can also provide users with more comprehensive information without having to break the bank on distribution.
  4. Your Audience is GLOBAL
    You can now get the attention and interest of consumers around the world instead of just in your hometown.  The internet is by far, the most cost effective tool to trade nationally and internationally.
  5. Improved Customer Servicee
    Customers can leave feedback directly on your site and can request contact from you as well.  You can also provide answers to frequently asked questions to proactively address concerns of customers.  You can also give power to the consumer by allowing them to complete their transaction online..
  6. Look Professional
    A well designed website is a great way to show your customers you mean business.  Customers will assume you have a website, and will judge your business on how that site looks and operates.  It’s important to keep up with how your competitions’ site looks and to make sure you have a great looking site that functions well to grab and keep the attention of your customers.
  7. Promote Your Services
    No matter what you are selling or what service you provide, there is likely someone else offering the same thing.  Let your customers know why they should choose you!  Your website is its own commercial, showing your customers why you’re the best at what you do and how to get in touch with you..
  8. Provide Instant Gratifications
    People don’t want to wait for information in this day and age.  Provide pictures, downloads, software, printouts, etc, to help the customer obtain any and all information they could want about your company and the services you provide..
  9. Gather Information and Generate Valuable Leads
    Using forms and surveys, you can gather information about customers and potential customers.  This is a great way to find leads, rather than going out to find them.
  10. Great Recruiting Tool
    Now that your website is bringing in so much business, you may need to expand.  Your website is a great place to find someone to help you.  You can post job opportunities to the site and all the information any potential employee would want to know about your company is right there.
  11. Sell Your Products
    Depending on what you are selling; you may be able to cut out the bricks-and-mortar overhead out of your business plan.  Selling your products online is secure and affordable.  Most customers are familiar and comfortable with making purchases online.


The Do's & Don'ts For Website Success!


  • Invest in secure online ordering system
  • Consider your audience when writing copy for online
  • Create clear and compelling messages
  • Update site and content frequently to keep it fresh
  • Anticipate and answer questions
  • Check site to ensure forms and links work properly
  • Include a call to action on each page
  • Include contact information
  • Offer links to programs needed to view your site information (like Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Choose a great webhost that will provide exceptional service, minimal downtime and consistent backups
  • Check content carefully for grammar and spelling
  • Title each page to be bookmark and search engine friendly
  • Use domain name and URL that accurately reflects your business name and is easy to remember and spell



  • Confuse visitors with too many topics on one page
  • Let site become outdated
  • Include too many colors, fonts, or distract from the message with too many pictures
  • Use all capital letters (This is considered yelling online)
  • Take privacy for granted. Create policy guidelines and stand by them
  • Ignore or delay customer requests.  Return all inquiries promptly.
  • Add a visitor count.
  • Include graphics that fail to add importance to your site or its message
  • Use silly clip art
  • Use graphics or extras that will take more time to load the page
  • Ignore customer complaints